About kiss.co

The KISS Company is an interactive experience branding agency and complete IT solutions provider for firms in Toronto, Chicago, Düsseldorf and Los Angeles. We produce complete high-impact online interactive user experiences, digital products, websites, high-traffic web applications, community sites, 3D arts and audio/visual effects since 1999 – specializing in a wide range of genres, including high-end classic and exotic automobiles, food and beverage, children’s education, real estate, artist/talent portfolios and even cryptocurrency.

The list is long and distinguished.
In fact, there’s a very good chance you’ve seen our work, or even snacked on food we’ve created websites for.

kiss.co is our new home, and at the moment, we are producing an educational/science community website, digital products for a start-up building development firm, while also consulting for educational institution(s). We’re always looking to make new connections and encourage you to contact us to elevate your online brand. Let’s have a conversation.

And by the way . . .

We’re hiring!

Are you a developer and preferably located in Los Angeles? We would be interested in speaking with you. We really don’t care what kind of a degree you have. Just be very fluent in English, PHP and javascript, and be the kind of person who will attack a problem until 5AM if necessary. If you think highly of yourself and your work, we are currently seeking:

WordPress Plugin Developer

We have a need for an advanced WP developer who is very familiar with plugin creation. You need to be able to create WP plugins from the ground up, which will include tabs and custom options within it’s own “settings” window in the WordPress admin. We will need at least 3 tabs for different groups of settings. The custom settings will be a series of field values, checkboxes, image references and toggles (on and off) and will ideally need to store these values in their own custom database table.

iPhone Application Developer

We are looking to port at least 2 web applications to their own stand-alone mobile application(s). The first is very simple and will play one (or more) MP4 movie files. Like a looping screensaver. The second app will need to communicate and interact with a website. The app should include the ability to do remote logins, and get/send information from the website. It’s best if we have a conversation about it to understand our goals. Please contact us and introduce yourself.

If you know all there is to know about integrating Maps / GPS into the application, we would like to speak with you – right now.

Blockchain Developer

The blockchain developer should know how to interact with a smart contract from a website. We would like to use our existing functionality be able to “burn” and “send” tokens remotely based on user interaction. The smart contract already exists. Do you require more clarification? Contact us today.

Marketing professional

Traffic. Analytics. Ad Sense. Adwords. Conversions. Goals . . . If these things are the air you breathe, we want to speak with you. The marketing professional should be able to look at a digital product (or brand) and know how to get as many eyes on it as possible. We have several exiting products and 24 hours is not enough!

Contact us if you think you may be a good fit for either role.

Thank you.

KISS.CO | Los Angeles, California